spoken words of wisdom

never cry for the person who hurted you

walk with your head high

smile and say

thanks for giving me a chance 

to find someone better than you

never hate jealous people

for they are jealous because they think

you're better than them

instead , you're better of the circumstances around you

don't waste your time of revenge

those who hurt you will eventually

reap what they sow

never tell anyone your plans

show them the results instead by letting go, and letting God

the totality of the body of work will speak for itself

one of the greatest lessons from the life God blesses you with

is there is no market for your emotions

so never advertise your feelings

humble yourself in showing an inspirational attitude

don't ever give up

your day will come

it's only a matter of time

if you're helping someone and expect something in return

that's business, not kindness

trust means everything

but once it's broken 

sorry means nothing

it takes the forgiveness from God to help you forgive someone

always remember

that your present situation

is not the final destination

the best is yet to come

never leave true relationships

nobody is perfect except Our Lord

nobody is correct

at the end, affection is greater than perfection

don't show your face in funeral as i'm laying down in a casket

how much you cared about me

show me how much you care now

while i'm alive by the grace of God

never reply when you're angry

never make a promise when you're happy

never make a decision when you're sad

stop expecting loyalty from folks who are disloyal and dishonest

life is precious, it's what you make of it

time goes by fast. no fast forward, no rewind

enjoy the moment as it approaches

don't give up

the beginning is always the hardest

when you wish good for others

good things come back to you

this is something God will honor

difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you

but to help you realize the true hidden and revealing potential and power

if a drop of water falls in a lake, it loses its density

if a drop of water drops on a lotus leaf, it shines like pearls

the drop is the same, only the company matters

life is beautiful

by the day, by the hour, by the minute

will not come again in this lifetime

avoid fights, and bitterness

speak life and love to someone

every pain reveals a lesson

and every lesson changes a person

never stop learning

because life never stops teaching

spoken words from wisdom

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Luis Vargas

Afternoon, sorry for responding late I would love to be on your show I just have to talk to my mom about it first and when will it be? 


Satan by: Luis V

Satan is not wasting any time 

Gathering as many souls as he can

He knows his time is short

So he is not wasting anytime 

He gathered a soul recently 

The soul of Lil Nas X

With the song” Montero”

For all you guys that don’t know

Lil Nas X his real name is Montero Lamar Hill

Freaking giving Satan a lap dance 

Snaps satans neck

And puts satan’s horns on himself

Saying that he is a god 

Lil Nas X

You are no god 

You are just a lost soul

Crying for help

Your in Satan’s playground now

And he will win everytime if you don’t accept Jesus

Satan is not wasting any time

Lil nas x your shoes are over stupidly expensive

Containing 1 drop of human blood

On top of that you call the shoes the 666 shoes 

666 is the devil’s number  

Revelation 13:18 says 

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.”

Satan is not wasting anytime 

Protect your soul

Protect your life

I live in sin and I admit 

But I’m working on it

I’m working with the one who loves me

I’m praying 

I’m still not reading my bible

But I plan on getting there 

But I am praying again it may not be everyday

But it is once every 2 days 

And that’s more than how I used to pray

I would stop praying 

And pray every 3 months 

Satan is not wasting anytime 

He going to come at you with everything he got

But you have to remember Jesus is so much stronger than satan

Satan can’t control you

I know I felt like that for years 

Because I was in hands of Satan for 7 years since 6th grade

But I’m trying to get out of his grips 

I’ve come to realize that I can’t keep fighting and fighting 

Without Jesus because it’s useless

Satan is way stronger than I am 

I thought I could do this by myself 

But I can’t 

Jesus I need you 

To fight the father of lies

I need you to take my soul back

I can’t keep living like this

I never sold my soul

But the way I am living 

It feels like it

And God I need you 






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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Powerful poem young brother

im going to do a YouTube video later on today about 666

ask your mom if you can come on to my show via phone?

I do YouTube videos every Tuesday evening 

Luis Vargas

OK, I'll ask my mom depending on how much homework I have today though, if not today I can do one definitely during the summer just not during the month of June because I will be in Virginia with my dad I leave May 22nd and come back June 22nd 

Luis Vargas

Lil Nas X's unofficial 'Satan' Nikes containing human blood sell out in under a minute

ValanThia VV

True words of wisdom

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Thank you for much 🙏🏾
it's from the heart ❤️ 

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