Tone it down. Turn it up.
Try to maintain a balance
By having the right amount of valence electrons
To remain stable.
But I'm unable.
I'd rather live a fable than the opposite.
The requisites for my happiness
Lie too far out of reach in an alternate dimension.
My retention rate is low because
I'm founded in two completely different worlds.
The antisocial nerd wants to spread his wings and start a conversation,
While the outgoing actor wants to party and cut out geeky relations.
'Tis a complex complex that I don't know how to sort out.
And sure there is common ground between them both,
But like the constant struggle between good and evil,
Jedi and Sith,
Raava and Vaatu,
Person 1 and Person 2 want each other gone.
In the dawn of a day where I can somehow fuse the two,
My problems will be reduced.
Until then, my split personality will dominate me.
Whether the balance stays intact,
We've yet to see.


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