That Spiral Staircase


I'm chasing after you again, when am I not?

We run the same speeds but are always so far apart!

I get glimpses sometimes, seeing you at the top of the steps, calling me, laughing at me, mocking me

I feel a rage and it makes me run faster

But I miss a step and fall




One mistake after the other, piling up like last week's garbage

What a screw up

So, so stupid

Why Can't I Get Anything Right?

Around and Around we go

A spiral that only ends in up

But I keep slipping

The souls of my shoes are worn, my feet are bleeding, i'm seeing the cracks on the steps

How long before I fall again?

How long before I see you again? 

Will you smile for me? 

I fill with hope, the rage, then fear as  I fall once more




Reaching my hand up to try and hold on, and only seeing that neverending spiral staircase spin up to the sky and beyond


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