Spiral Bound Love

Thu, 03/10/2016 - 22:55 -- lucyf9

I have many universes in my hands

They go beyond the limitations of this concrete world

My hands instead hold countless worlds crafted by graphite and sweat

And time spent hunched over pages of a portal to infinite places

This underrated portal is disguised by a

Dog eared

Thin cardboard cover

And this underrated portal takes me

To places beyond this concrete world

It is the closest I can get to the imaginary places in the heart of my dreams

And the farthest I can get from concrete problems

Because they can’t be effaced with the simple swipe of an eraser

I cannot bare a millisecond in a concrete world without portals of imagination

My spiral bound love is one that one cannot get

Without the smudges of graphite and sweat

It is the joy of transforming thoughts into paragraphs

And paragraphs into tales of infinite universes

That could save concrete people from concrete problems

You may laugh when I say

I have many universes in my hands

But without the words that fill the rivers

And build the skyscrapers

In my abstract universes

There is no life in the world in which I write them

I not only live for the smudged pages of my dog eared portal

But for the idea of creativity and the freedom of writing

This poem is about: 
Our world


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