Spilling a Tea Cup

(2/13/14 3:50 P.M)
The sun froze
so softly,
almost a laugh 
from the clouds
couldn't stop the
chemical reaction,
a romance starts,
sparks a little,
over flows to the brim
spilling over,
such a pretty mess,
smells of cigarettes 
and sadness,
but no one could tell
or would care
about a sad,
day dreaming girl,
who looks for love in all the
wrong places,
love isn't through sex,
love is when you feel,
I mean really feel
and it's like crashing head first into a 
brick wall
that than once you experience
the pain
turns into the softest of clouds,
comforting the tears that fall from your
confused face,
rain with the sun,
love is like dropping a china tea set
but than getting cold rings,
such a bittersweet feeling,
like blood and chocolate,
or that's what I can find of love,
feel of love,
see of love,
taste of love,
spilling a tea cup of love 
all over the page in ink,
I can't help but wipe the ink from
the corner of my mouth,
the taste of ink...
that is what love is


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