Spiders (Becoming Wet Sand)



Two friends walked upon the sand on the beach,A boy and a girl,And they held a conversation not holding much weight.But the boy asked, "What is your deepest fear?"The girl pondered the questionFor such a thing, she never thought of.All she knew was that she had feared,Just like any other human being.She looked at the sand beneath her feet And curled her toes, but none eased through.She frowned at it as she pondered...And then the answer came. "My deepest fear is to fear nothing...To walk on Earth's pavement And have a heart of stone,Allowing no man, no object, no obstacle To interfere with my purgatorial strength.What must one go through to fear no more,To love no more, to feel nothing? Must everything be stripped awayLike the waves dissipate the sand?And yet, when one looks upon the sandThere seems to be no problem, no obscurity,No afflictions, no scars...But it becomes hard.It no longer trickles through your toes when you gait upon it.You no longer feel the warmth.Instead you are left with the feeling of coldnessUnderneath your feet,An unusual concrete feeling.Or would I consider myself to be God,If I feared not?For only God knows no fear.He created this sand I walk uponAnd the waves that caress it.He knows the beginning before it startsAnd the end before the beginning. If I fear nothing at all, as the human that I amThen that means I no longer need GodBecause no matter what happens I am not afraid. But I do need him,Because I do fear, though he has not given me that spirit.I do sweat sometimes, I do cry,I do worry, as a human does.I do not try to be strong,Because in my weakness, God is my strength. My deepest fear," she pausedAnd looked him straight in the eyes,"My deepest fear is becoming wet sand.What's yours?" She asked.He stared wide eyed at her and stuttered,"Wow, um I-I'm afraid of spiders."


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