That Special Fish

Well, I can certainly tell you I didn't get fried!

Not a catfish, nor Dr. Suess fiction,

I'm a fish from the hood,

a swimming contradiction,

Orange Mound,

Better yet, it should be the ocean,

Some people sank quickly,

But I had to keep floating,

I was hungry,

But I didn't settle for fish flakes,

I wanted success too bad

to get caught up in a fish tank,

Hooks all around,

So I maneuvered in between,

Avoiding the worms

because bait ain't always what it seems,

My scales were different colors,

So I stood out from the school,

It was too many fisherman,

So I couldn't play the fool,

I'm almost to the reef,

Swimming around the sharks,

My last business as a fish in the hood

is to avoid getting caught


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