Speak My Mind


"Speak Your Mind"

my mind doesn't think in words
nor does it have a voice
yet it tells me things

it knows much more than I think it does
yet it has no words or has use for them

my mind speaks with pictures

every image registered and stored accordingly
shows them to me to remind me appropriately, or at least when it chooses to

sometimes my mind tries to tell me too many things
all at once and I'm overwhelmed
I get flustered
tongue tied
sometimes I get overrun by the rush of thoughts

that's when I lose my head
but when is anything really ever lost
the mind is a fickle and expansive creature
it just takes the right trigger
to uncover and dust off what was "lost"

at night, the pictures of the day are on loop
sometimes even from the days before
in my dreams, old pictures try to reappear
mixing and infusing with the day's

its hard to speak my mind
when everything is up for interpretation

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