Speak Up

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 21:13 -- raiona


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Speak up for the deaf
Speak of for the silence
Speak up for whats left
Speak up for the violence
Speak Up! Raise the volume..
Yell it in the ears of our society
We dying from obesity!
Fighting cause all this animosity!
40 years I want to live at least to see!
But who hears my plead for peace?

Killed by my own
Looked down on by the grown,
Cause to them, I'm just a statistic.
But Really! Lets be realistic.
Speak Up! If you care..
Speak Up! If you dare...
Illuminati? Killuminati!
Not the devil's warrior,
But the almighty God's soldier.
Peace! I weep...
Love! I wreak...

Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned.
Forgiven, Now new mistakes begin.
But its the devil at work.
Clap my hands! Stomp my feet!
Send him back under the dirt.
oh Lord! Heaven I want to meet!
So Speak Up!
Speak up for the body, mind, and spirit!
Maybe people will begin to hear it!

Not one to judge
But one to speak truth.
Under pressure I won't budge.
When I speak, I speak knowledge!
Hurting feelings like a wisdom tooth.
Im Raiona...and this is my pledge..to...Speak Up!

"I know what I'm talking about and I talk what I know" - Raiona



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Love this poem, definetly forever use the voice we've been so blessed to receive. People might not listen, but still I speak. For one day, when enough people speak- the sound will shake the ground. The ground will shift, and things will change.

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