On Sparrows' Wings

Thu, 08/27/2015 - 15:42 -- sxd5354

Tangles of gold fall perfectly,

To frame an unparalleled complexion,

A thornless rose somehow overlooked,

She anticipates rejection


Permanent scratches engraved deep in her ivory,

Are evidently the only flaws,

For sparse smiles upon tight lips,

She's simply one rare cause


Envious, their tongues dripped with poison,

By constant slander her mind is haunted,

Obliged herself to hate her identity

She's just not what they wanted


Hidden wounds lie beneath forest eyes,

Flecked with golden embers,

Though their words are lost in time,

Each night she remembers


Naturally, her heart is open wide,

She doesn't let others see the pain,

Learned to live a life of solitude,

Memories have left a crimson stain


The melody of her laughter heard,

I've learned to be contagious,

Smiles spread like wild fire,

With blunders so outrageous


Through quick fingers and a clever tongue,

Unique perspective flows,

Beauty to the inner core,

Internal light always seems to glow


From her heart floods diligence,

A truly genuine treasure,

To restore the light in shadowed souls

She'd go to any measure


Never a moment silent,

Vital tranquility her empathy brings,

A carefree outlook artlessly emanates,  

The way air glides on sparrows' wings


She feels locked up,

Yet sets others free,

I don't think she'll ever know,

How much she means to me


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