A Source of Light

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 20:57 -- Daz-e

I stare at the sky in a gaze,
As if a cop just hit me with a taze
I go by the name Daze;
I remember when they used to confuse me with Stace
Always kept her shoes laced
While I dreamt for a new pair
She always had beautiful, blonde hair
And I just stared
Wishing I looked like a Barbie doll
Against this wall,
I think I’m so tough
HA- nothing compared to the beatings I have received
Sometimes I feel so defenseless
From a child to a grown woman
Don’t ask me where I rather be
I already miss being inside my mother’s arms-
We die once and live twice
Have we forgotten that God will return?
Whenever I hear myself breathing,
I still can’t believe my heart is there
When so much tried to stop it’s precious blood from pumping,
God’s hands work in marvelous ways;
I’m here stomping
Like a mamma Gorilla defends her little ones
And you see I would go home
But I don’t got no babe
If life were sweet as cake
My heart, I wouldn’t have to take
But wherever it haze
I will always find A Source of Light.



Our lives are like movies. Except in reality, we continue to perform.

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