The Sound Of Your Love


United States
33° 56' 4.8336" N, 84° 35' 44.0628" W

Every song I hear
Reminds me of you.
Fast, fun songs
Are your energy and happiness.
Slow, calm songs are
Are your warm, loving hugs
That you enclose me in
Whenever I need you.
Love songs
Are everyday because
They remind me of
All the days we spent
Laughing, and smiling, and talking
And just being together.
Our song is every sound,
Every word, every thought
We have ever had with each other.
When you call and
Your ringtone goes off
(Hanging by a moment by Lifehouse)
My heart skips a beat.
That's the very first song
I made you look up.
It's now our official song.
As long as we trust
And love and are honest
Our love will be eternal.


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