The Sound of Breaking

The sound of a person breaking

You have to choose to hear

It’s quiet and it’s hidden

And it sounds a lot like fear.


Some say we’re made of heart strings

Some say we’re made of glass

But both of those can break

And breaking happens fast


The lucky ones, survivors

Can cast their broken hearts

But far too many people

Will simply fall apart


They are beaten, bruised, and broken

Their wounds beyond repair

And still they keep on falling

More and more into despair


A pool of deepest hues of black

Where no light it seems can show

They simply keep on dropping

To unknown horrors far below


Some prefer to cut the string

When holding on gets tough

They’d rather fall quick and fast

And have their day be done


But others, they will call for help

Though it may not be so clear

We could save a life today

If we just listen, see, and hear.


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