A Soul's War

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 14:51 -- freeman


United States
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She takes a moment to look at her life
Strife after strife
Day and night
And after all these trials
The sinews and might of her soul are strong, strong indeed
And she can laugh at whatever comes her way
for she has been through it all and nothing astounds her, confounds her, hounds her
Perplexed or ponderous her heart will never be
She doesn't need to plea, for strength is free
but she had to dive deep into the waters of sorrow and hopelessness to find it,
her precious reservoir...
And now looking at each strife,
the pain of recalling disappears from her eyes,
replaced with the victory, valor, and revelry of the soul.



you have the power to overcome and conquer any emotional hardship, ordeal, or circumstance; it's all in the soul's blood; find it and drink it.


an abstract artwork inspired this poem

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