Soul Sister


United States

Beauty is when i close my eyes . And i see You fully covered in your divinity . Look at what Im looking at
Mirror in my eyes
Your  reflection  staring back at Me
 Good things Can turn bad its a true story .

 Blaim me for the exposure
ohhh rejections such a Cruilty

YOU Never recognize the light
you had inside
its what truly changed my life

Are You just another snake in the grass I assumed cause you never had the courage  to ask.

Ask me what i know .

There aint no beauty in ugliness Just in a Soul ,Always  walked with confidence as though you a puppet infront of an audience.  It aint You . Play to get played The game set you up

I know you moved on ,
You dont need my help
I still catch a glimpse of you
lookn away ..tells me to move on &im gone. .

Remembering the good times i shared with you

Instead i get a face full of Your back to my face

I loose grip free falling
Watching my anger slip
Hoping you'll reach out and Catch a Homegirl you Once was Down with

Ohh ..You so full of thoughtfulness

But i know You cause i know myself
Let go of You bouncing out
Never said a Word
Thought You  had my back until time was exposed
What You was down with
Make me look like a fool

I was clownin

I wasnt playn smart
Tryn to be there while u fell apart
Your right
the ones that say it but dont live it
Now i learn to cutt them out of my heart
Who knew Youd be the one
Who did it...
Lesson learn
 Fake friends real Fam i can tell then APART

This poem is about: 
My family


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

true friendships will accept you for all

through ups and downs, mistakes and correction

when people know how to do that, moutains are moved

well written and said

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