Soul number 35264

fifth love or more than that
I know there are so many
Someday you'll see why
I lost the count

It will be i don't have patience?
Could it be that I realize
I deserve someone better
that values me
Somehow I decide someone else
for the sake of your departure
Because you're gone

I've spent your place
In this list of love
that sometimes seems absurd
If you had not gone
There wouldn't be many numbers
Only your place
as it is unique

Soul 35264
And I can not find my love
Where have you gone?
Will be that your soul has changed of color
That I can not recognize you
Now I'm sitting here
thinking I love you
That I loved you so much
And the mouth of your love in my row
Does not speak

My love I've noticed
that for this there is no remedy
that finding your soul
there is no remedy
that to have your love
there is no remedy
Yes my love
A Love like mine
You will not find out there

If I ever find your number
And I can not find
in the love row
I do not want to have
Is not for nothing most expected my love
It is no complaint
It is for all

There is so much light time ahead
You just share your life with me
You never wanted
because you're gone

I will feel so weak without you
craving you in me once more
Perhaps without your kisses
That I don't know where they went
I didn't have materially
But only in the distance from your mouth my

I'll get you another list
A love that wants this
A love that does not hide its color
That do not go
Do not judge me
As people think
that in my past is the truth
Love sixth where are you?


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