A Soul In a Body Not of it's Own


United States
39° 55' 52.2228" N, 104° 58' 26.1588" W

Trapped are we, souls in bodies not our own.
Longing are we to find our purpose our home.
Externally. We search this home only it is we find we are alone. Soul full of stone.
Look internally for within lies eternity.
For inside you is light, and through great distance and trouble may it fight,
To bring you to UNIversal sight.
For it is in within our own light of UNIverse does our MULTIverse form.
A realm of ONE'S of are we, expanding through like a tree.
Branch by branch becoming free for the one, UNIverse.
But growing farther, into the MULTIverse.
So unto the I suggest to the be like the tree, have strong roots below. We must expand below before upward.
We must grow from the UNIverse into the MULTIverse.


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