SOS (The Devil)

"Please assist",

My plea as I try to resist


The black in my mind

Seems to grow to a kind

Of demonic possession. 

It's an obsession, my deal

With the devil. 

"You called?"

Yeah, I recall

Falling into your trap--

"No, you want me here,

Don't you my dear?

To be free and see 

What it might be like 

To smile--"


You don't know me, my soul--

"You sold to me that night it tears--"

That was years ago!

I was sad--

"And you had to kill yourself?"

Kill myself?

"What did you think happened?

You want to be perfect--"

No! It's not worth it!

"Tough shit, we're bound at the hip,

Our lips forever locked in the kiss

Of holy matrimony. Our thoughts

A cacophony; our beautiful symphony..."

You're not me!

"You're right, I'm a part of you,

The heart of you,

I inspire the art you 

Put out. Should we depart

Each other, you'd be nothing--"

I'll be something...

"Then go."

She knows I won't. 

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