Sorry Da

It seems the older I get the more I make that one wish....

Oh father where art thou? And I'll wake up and be 15 with "Da" beside me, but it never happens...

Losing my father was no joke. Not shedding a tear to the world, they boiled me most

so much pain I carry with me for that Man

and to this day i just don't understand

Tons of talking with him i should've done

but i pushed him away because i was dumb

hurt yes but it still was my father

just because he messed up why didn't i bother

he tried to mend my heart and i shunned him away

right to the point when God sent him astray

Nor did I cry neither did I plead

I didn't heal my heart, I took life and proceed

I didn't deal with what hurts the most

Even with my head held high i always come back to the post

the thing i just can not get around

I need to forgive this man and stop punishing the one's around

After all these years i found the courage to say I forgive you Keith, sorry I took you away



i just cried.

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