Soothe the Soul

What we use

to soothe our souls

is personal,

to each his own. 

Some drain their glass

of every drop 

to numb

every inch 

from their brain

to their fingertips. 

Some puff away

inhale, release, repeat,

of musty fumes

that buzz your senses.

Some breathe in

a pungent vapor 

of smoldering buds

to daze the mind. 

Some push their bodies

to feel that rush 

veins pumping,

heart pounding,


from their own sweat.  

Some throw colors

on a blank canvas


their deepest thoughts

in strokes and textures. 

Some use words

in forms unstructured

to profess

the inner workings

of their mind. 

A fleeting fix, 

a sudden surge, 

thoughts transfixed, 

or visions blurred. 

Attempts differ, 

a similar aim, 

to soothe the soul, 

to ease the pain. 



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