Song of War


When you realize what you've done,

will any of it matter?

When all the clatter has cleared,

will you feel the sorrow?

When we wake tomorrow and nothing's changed,

will you have aknowleged this monster?


The speeding silver that pierced their hearts

can never be reclaimed.

The terror that was aimed for him

will always hit home.

The terror was to come for her,

but instead hit us all.


Why did you feel the need

to heed the calling of the gun?

When you walk home all alone

the tone you feel is not all yours.

We'll be healing,

so unfeeling, too.


Cause the song of war is no song at all,

it's the beat of our hearts

for those who ran to the call.

As long as we all fill our parts,

maybe the loss won't feel so tall.





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