"Song, My Story"


I am haunted. 

There is no escape. 

Snapping, humming, singing 

R - e - a - c - h - e - s out for me.

Trying to pull me in.

Cringing as the melody begins.


The Addams Family.

The iconic song follows me;

Haunting my last name.

I cover my ears,



A soft voice reaches out,

“Listen to your song.”

Images and words flash in my mind.

Remembering my great aunt’s words

I begin to sing.


My song, 

My story.

It’s a story of old.

Of the Cherokee tribe,

Wait as I sing my song.


Peace, happiness, anger, sadness, rebuilding

Flows through my lips.

My story, my history.



My last name; 

My story. 

No one else's.

So let them sing!

I have my own tune to sing;

My history.

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