A Song For Mi Hijo Futuro

hello, pretty baby, 

please forgive us for the mess.

will you clean it if you can?

we’ve been cleaning, but it’s–


today, pretty baby

i found treasures in our tongues.

could you speak it if you tried?

if i speak it, i might–


thank you, pretty baby

for your name that sounds like mine.

how it’s different, I don’t mind

we will learn it, give us–


grow up, pretty baby

but dont worry about size

you’ll go hungry all the time

i stopped eating, now i’m–


return, pretty baby

to this neighborhood of ours

where you’d find it i don’t know

you might see it, should you–


sun sets, pretty baby

but you’ll always hold the light

won’t you save us from the dark?

won’t you save us–


won’t you?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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This is beautiful 

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