Sat, 08/30/2014 - 18:56 -- sagebut


Sometimes I envy those

Those stick skinny creatures

Some call goddesses

Humans, not felines

Who walk the cat walk

They have two faces,

But one body

Click, flash, print

They're all I want to be


Sometimes I envy those

Those who are all around me

Something new to show daily

To impress,to be liked, to fit in

To have a secure future

All of this depended on

Little sheets of paper

I never have enough


Sometimes I envy those

Those above me

With large vocabularies

And photographic memories

Colleges looking

Parents proud

Making the grades I stay up all night for

But I'm still below


Sometimes I envy those

But then I stop

Because He has taught me

To look at what I have

And where I am

And to get on my knees

And to give thanks to Him

Because I am blessed

Not sometimes

All the time





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