Sometime In December

Running back is all they do. They never know until they lose you . Draining would be the word for that’s all people have ever been. They take and I give and end up with nothing in the end . This goes for all forms of relationships. all I ever ask for is real. From family to friends I feel like being alone is what’s best for the ones I thought would be there have left me a mess. I know where I’ve been wrong yes I’ve been toxic too but my intentions were always meant to be pure but self control was lacked . The ego easily takes over but I have learned . I have to be whole on my own completely for I can even give again . I have to fill myself up with love . I have to pray to the one above. My heart has felt pain of all forms and now i just pray for healing. We know how to heal ourselves better than anyone for who’s knows us best .. when i realized this I started to depend on others less Self love is truly the key. When you discover this you can be free

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My family
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