Something new


Is it not the smell that reminds me of Fall? Why, of course, but its not only that, its the nuerons in my brain that remind me of something new. What is it? What is the something? Why is it not January that reminds me of something new? Well, I cannot answer you that straight off; you see the something new is now for the first time something exciting. Its the smell? Why, yes but it is also the knowledge. It is the time we go back to school to learn! Ha! Laugh all you want but what is education? Is it not the opportunity for something new? The expierence of a chemicl reaction inside your brain that leads to more, to your core, to the deep reaches of your mind. That is how I expiernce fall, more now than ever! When my something new reaches its beginning I will be in an all new place, full of wonder an brilliance. Full of life and love. And for a lump sum I can take it all in for 21 months, fill the rich expanses of my mind with what I enjoy most; something new.


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