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I don't like it when people say you have a soul

I think that's rather an understatement...I believe we are souls and we have bodiesSome people gawk at those with tattoos and piercings and whatever... I get that...But maybe that same gawking is why people with burns, scars, and deformities don't feel beautifulWe as a society tend to look at differences as a way of marking the weak, the hurt, and the oddWe spend so much time focusing on looks and how to impress one anotherBut when we get home we hate who stands in front of the mirrorSo I don't care if you have a tattoo of a dog on your calf or a lip ring on the corner of your mouthBecause I also don't care if you have a scar on your arm or a burn on your shoulderNo amount of makeup or prosthetics could make your soul beautiful And no amount of imperfections can taint a good soulWe are not bodies We are soulsAnd that's beautiful

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