Something I'll Never Forget

Wed, 08/19/2015 - 19:10 -- katec

Something I'll never forget,

Someone I'll never forgive.

I'll remember your kisses across my skin,

The unwilling touch again and again.

You took something that'll never be returned.

Cursed and damaged,

Broken and burned.

Saying, "Never tell a soul."

But here I am again,

Confessing what you stole.

I hid away,

Hurt and scarred.

A pain I remember to this day,

Just to speak is so damn hard.

Tears fell onto the sheets,

I heard my heart in my ears,

Its panicked beats.

I can never trust someone again

Because of what you did

And how badly you sinned.

I am affected by it every day.

This memory, though from long ago,

Never really seems to go away.

I hope you never forget my tear-filled eyes,

Or the way I looked when you forced my lies.

I hope you never forget my howling sobs,

Because a theif never forgets who he robs.

My pain and suffering, you soon shall get.

You are someone I'll never forgive,

Who did something I'll never forget.

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