Fri, 07/12/2013 - 16:56 -- Alonyia

Im in need of some sorta spiritual comfort    Freeing me from these tangled up roots that have attached themselves to my heart.  Somethin' like... A mother's touch  Reassuring me  The sun will rise again   Even if it wont. Im in need of some kinda upliftin'  Stong enough to bring me past this mess  So close to the heavens  I can tough God's footprints  Somethin' like   A wake-up call  Exposing me to the potential etched into my fingertips  Im in need of somethin' beautiful Kiss me with my future  Lay the past at my pillow  Show me, before it's too late  I need somethin' wonderful  To love me past my flesh  Somethin' like... amazing  Somethin' like...You


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