Someone To Hold

Everyone needs food, water, and air,

Most people need parents and care.

Some people need games and music,

But only a few need others to share.


Truly, I am one of those few. 

I read the question, and I immediately knew,

I can't be alone. I could never be alone!

Without people with me, what would I do?


Darkness isn't scary. Night isn't either.

Neither is death. Nor is a spider.

But loneliness - that's hard to withstand.

I can try to resist, but I'm not a fighter.


What is one thing I can't live without? Well, here's one thing I can't live with:

Loneliness, that is, isolation and despair, 

They're all the worst, they're all unfair.

If I was stuck on an island, I would bring a person so bold,

We would be alone, but not lonely... we would have each other to hold.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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