Some of Y'all might not like this

There are those who know
But refuse to grow
They had a taste of the truth
And walking around not showing any proof
For they are corrupted and want the way of wrong
And choose to follow those that are gone
They cover themselves in the garment of sin
No longer considering the LORD their friend
Woe unto them for they are rebellious
For HIM , they are no longer zealous
Do they not know our creator is jealous ?
They are disrespectful and careless
They are stiffnecked and full of themselves
They worship idols and themselves
They care for no one , but themselves
So the Most High GOD will let them fend , for themselves
They will pray to HIM and the only one hearing them , is themselves
For they chose the path not of the light
They call wrong right
Their focus is on the seen
For ignorance they feen
They are unjust unstable unclean
Just plain mean
They turned off the light and wanna play in the dark
For the wicked one got them , they were an easy mark
It's over for them , yep that's their end , they chose that life , the life of sin.


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