Some Fall in Love, I Write Poetry.

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 02:35 -- Cynthia

Poetry is my romance.

I fall in love with my best works

and find it hard to let go of the awful ones.

We all have baggage.                                                                                                                  

Poetry is my romance.

I argue in the middle of the night with the words on paper.

I study, recite, and write poetry until my knuckles wear thin.

I tell myself that well-written poetry is worth the commitment. 

Poetry is-                                                                                                         

it’s hard to break up with it.                                                                                                        

Poetry is my romance, a written vow, and wedding ring.                               

Till Death Do We Part, I’ll add.

Poetry is-

tough and beautiful.

The poetic truths I discover make me feel wonderful, foolish things.

Some fall in love but, love makes people do crazy, stupid things.

Do you see what love can make you do?

It’s best to play it safe and stick to writing poetry.     




"I argue in the middle of the night with the words on paper."

creativity at it's finest


Aww, thank you! :)


I love this poem! The romance comparisons were interesting to read. I especially love the part where you said you argue with the words on paper.


this is beautiful!!! 


Completely true.


POETRY  is my everything and you explained it perfectly !!!!! I admire all the accomplishment that you have made in your life . You stand out to me and you are such a leader to what I want be. I love your poetry and message and I enjoy you style of writing. Check out my poetry when you have a chance . Thank you and definially keep reaching for the top because seems you already made it up there  




wow.. that  was nice.. hi my name is Tressa Polk. I wouldnt call myself a poet, but i love to write and  i recently wrote two poems one called I Will Fight For mine and the other one is called Who Am I. if you dont mind i was wondering if you would read them and give me some feedback please and maybe guide me in the right path on enhancing my poetry..


I saw that you are a mentor I really like your profile whenever you find the time, please read through some of your poems I would love to know what you like and what I could do better on it would mean a lot thank you


Nice! I love it!


Beautiful. Inspiring. I Love It. Please Check Out My Poem.

Leigh the African Goddess





Fantastic! :)


The life of a poet


 I really related this poem in many unique ways I never really thought of. I would enjoy it if you could give me some feedback on my poem!

Hope Brielle Anderson Harris

That was beautiful and i love how yoh write your poetry. Can you check out my poetry please becasue i herad that you could be a good mentor at poetry and i just really wabt to be a writer when I grow up and I feel like you could help me .

Drummer Boy

I love this, I will love you to be my Mentor, I am an unpublished Author, Essayist, Poet and writer from Nigeria.



Hello Ms.Cynthia, Your poem captures my heart(◕દ◕).
And I was thinking If it is fine for you to see If my works are able to touch your heart tooノ♡(。♡‿♡。)(・_・;)

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