Some Days

Some days I wake up,

to the sound of you slamming doors

I jump, like a scared child

But I'm not a child

I'm a woman

I crawl out of bed

It is still dark out but I know I can't go back to sleep

You come in and drag me out to the living room

I can still smell the liquor on your breath from the night before

You yell and slap me

I look out and see your socks still on the clothesline

I forgot to bring them in

Worrying about you the day before made me forget

And now I am paying the consequence 

Why did it have to rain that night? 

It's hard to look at you as tears cloud my eyes

Some days I wish you would leave, never to return

Some days I wish you would die

Some days I wish I had never met you

Some days I wish you had never changed

Yet, some days, I think I still love you

Most days, I know I still love you

That is why I stay

Although one day,

my frail body won't be able to take another beating

And every day,

 I fear,

That day might be today. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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