Some day I hope
I will be happy and free
And rid of all the pain
It's hard to explain the pain
The thoughts of a young Marine
Screaming as he was dying.
So I hope some day
To be like other men
Happy and free
And rid
Of my friend
Named PTSD.
~ Ricardo
This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


MillRatUSMC aka Ricardo

During my time in Vietnam.

My infantry company Golf Company 2nd Battalion 1st Marines.

Had security of an artillery battery.

One day we might make a night patrol to a river.

The next day we had security of a bridge over the same river.

Following by manning positions inside the battery.

that we would repeat the routine.

One night a patrol that I was just 'tagging' along as directed by platoon leader.

Because I was the Platoon Sergant.

I heard a loud explosin at the head of our patrol.

followed by large screams.

I than made my way forward till I was by our radio-man.

I made a call for the point to come back to where i was located.

ASking, in realtion to where we were going.

How close are we?

They told me, we are there.

With that information, I got on the radio and requested a medivac.

Within 15 minutes the wounded Marine was on his way to the nearest aid.

The Corpsman, told he thought that Marine might not make it.

He had to bring him back two times.

I will take this memory to my grave.


I suffer from PTSD not from war-related traume but from physical and sexual abuse and I may not understand your trauma but I can relate in wanting to be normal again and not live with these memories, flashbacks, nightmares. I just want to be able to be close with people again and not live in fear every day. I wish the best for you!

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