A Soldier


You pull on your boots and look into the mirror, As you put your hat on

You walk out the bedroom door and kissed your parents good-bye

You bend to look into your sons eyes

You give him a hug and tell him you love him

You kiss him on the cheek

And say good-bye as you pick up your suitcase

You walk out the door to go to war

Your a soldier

Off to battle

Youre a soldier

Trying to win this

Youre a soldier

Waiting for this year to end

you pick up a picture of your son

And you place it on the wall

You pick up a peice of paper to reply to your sons letter

And you sit on your bed

As you write the letter, you look back up at the picture

You couldn't help remembering the times you spent with him

You kept thinking of his laugh, his smile, and his hugs

You finished the letter and sent it

You're a soldier

Writing a letter

You're a soldier

Thinking of home

You're a soldier

Waiting to see your family

You get to the plane earlier than you thought you would

Your family is waiting for you

Your son runs into your arms

You can't help but smile and hold him tightly

He tells you he missed you and he got your letter

You said you missed him too

You kiss your mom and hug your dad, before you head back home.

You're a soldier

Back home early

You're a soldier

Everything is fine

You're a soldier

With your son again

Everyone around you enjoys your smile

They enjoy your stories and jokes

You always put a smile on their faces

You can't help, but help everyone out

Including your country

But helping your country wasn't enough for you

So you volunteered to help other people

You're a soldier

Helping your country

You're a soldier

Wanting more

You're a soldier

Helping others too

One night, you were on your way to school

You were on your motorcycle

You swirved around a car

Not noticing another one was there

The driver didn't see you, as they pulled out of their drive

There was no way to save you

Your life was taken so soon

You're a solider

Off to Heaven

You're a soldier

Who gave more than took

You're a soldier

Who loved his son dearly

Your family is here

Your son is here

Your friends are here

Youre comrades are here

You earned a full honors funeral

They handed your mother an honors flag

You were rewarded for what you did

You're a soldier

Honored and loved

You're a soldier

Who'll never be forgotten

You're a soldier

Who fulfilled his hopes and dreams

You are a soldier





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