I watched the breathtakingly beautiful scene as the sun kissed the sky it's final goodbye 

Found myself mesmerized, unable to contain my admiration

Wondering how it could be possible for the earth to paint us such a brand new beautiful masterpiece everyday 

A simple reminder that the beauty of this world is never far if you search for it 

I observe the vibrancy of the colors and allow myself to appreciate it all before it slowly fades away 

Then suddenly the sun lets go

Having completed its final duty 

It moves on with courage, setting to prepare to rise again

And I find myself learning a valuable lesson 

Leave the past in the past and move forward with courage knowing that tomorrow is always a new day

Do not carry these heavy burdens with you 

Burn them, kill them, rip them out of your chest 

Do what you must.

But do not let them steal your softness 

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