societys soldier no longer

nobody saw the pain behind her smile

everyone assumed evrything was fine 

they have no idea how wrong they were

while they looked away he was leaving bruises

some were emotional but most were physical

she looked so cute with him they said 

if they only knew how uncute the truth is 

she marched on like a little soldier of society as long as she could

but one day it all got to  be too much 

drastic measures were taken in order to escape

not a soul knew the pain she was trying to forget

it wasnt for lack of her trying 

she tried again and again 

got called a liar on multiple occasions 

accused of slander and forced to deny it 

just another wonderful part of the culture we live in 

the victim is shamed for the attackers crime 

the world wonders why we never come forward

if thats how you were getting treated you wouldnt either

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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