Society Has Killed the Teenager


Not one girl in this world can stand up and confidently say

"I have never been pressured into looking a certain way"

Whether its that extra coat of mascara, to make their eyelashes pop,

Or skipping that meal, that leads into two and then three,

All to lose that extra pound that will solve all their problems.


For todays society, values looks over personality,

And yes I agree looks have a certain role,

But when it comes to a point where girls,

Would rather starve, cut and be anyone but themselves,

All to meet societies standards.

Then there is a problem.


And people don't want to recognise the problem.

Because the main reason for these unattainable goals,

Is photoshop, social media and the perfect celebrities,

Tho have the personal trainer,

The unnecessary diets and makeup artists.

All to create the illusion they are perfect.


But to the innocent teenager,

They look up to these celebrities and think its normal.

The girls who starve to reach the skeleton thin goals of the runway models.

And when they cant get there they are ridiculed and torn down,

because they aren't good enough.


Society has brainwashed us teens,

to a point were makeup is not a chore or a once a week thing,

its a part of our daily life,

a necessity before we step out the door.


This is for all the girls who have fell into the pit of depression over there looks.

To the girls to cut to feel better.

The girls who starve there tired bodies or run miles on end to reach that goal of 100 pounds.

To all the girls who hide behind a mask because they are too afraid to show there unique self,

for fear of being judged.


For society has killed the teenager, and its time we recognised the problem. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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