Tue, 04/22/2014 - 16:59 -- smsh58

I am not another black person telling their story

nor am i some thing push aside

I do not take things for granted

nor did i go through some hand me downs

so if im not that then why does socitey push that idea

why are they shoving those words down my thoat

and expecting me to live alone

my mother is no drugg

my family do love me

sunday diners i have those

i have own bed, room, clothes

so why does society make movies about me

saying this is what i go through everyday

people who stand up for us is nothing like us

they was in the community but now they are a bust

fussing over things that dont matter to us

tellin us we dont know but your the one who close the door

you can move on i dont care

but my voice should not raise dollar signs in the air

my life should not be the reason you became president

speak on your turf cause mine does not exsit

yet somehow my skin affect you

but my skin dont bother you when you want me to do things for you

stop taking my voice and let me share it

my words are my own so stop trying to share it

understand you are no friend nor foo

just stop making it seem like im just some poem



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