Why is it in this society

We tend to settle for less?  

Basing our priorities

On opinions from the internet?

There sits a teenage girl,

Pondering all of her thoughts.

Her phone sits idly in her lap,

While she’s stuck between right and wrong.

Images of a perfect body

Run wildly through her mind.

This body couldn’t be hers.

Because of her ugly stomach and thighs.

Surely the guy on the phone

Was lying through the screen.

When he told her he bet her body

Would be the prettiest thing he’s seen.

She was absolutely terrified,

But this guy, he called it love,

To share her nude body with him

Even though she felt so very wrong.

She thought of all the trust,

Of everything that he was promising.

Okay, she gulped, staring at her phone.

What was the harm in sending?

Her heart pounded through her chest,

The moment she hit send.

The red icon loaded, then opened.

In an instant her world came to an end.

“Screenshot” notified through a buzz,

Tears pushed through her eyes,

Her vision blurred to a fuzz,

All she had the power to do was cry.

Her body rested in his hands,

To do as much as he pleased,

She couldn’t bare to tell her parents,

Would they call her sleasey?

The girl attempted to reason with the guy,

“Please delete the photo,” she begged.

To no avail she  still tried.

He had blocked her, a coward behind a lie.

For the next two weeks,

She stood behind a fake smile,

Terrified of what he was doing,

After all this time, it had been a while.

Soon the day came,

On a bus that guy did ride.

On his way to a football game,

He shared her photo with every guy.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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