Cars honking

People passing

No one stopping

They see the needy

They don't care

To share a penny

Just one to spare

Off to work they go

Talking on phones

Bumping into others

Is there an apology?


People simply don't care

It's all about "me" now

There's no such thing as share

Society is many things

Good, bad, caring, careless

But above all, it's judgemental

You don't live in a mansion?

Then, ew, go away

I'm sorry this is all I have

I don't care, you shouldn't stay

A white man walks into a store

A black man follows

All eyes on the African

People are now alert. What if he does something?

I'm sorry I have dark skin

I don't care, you look more suspicious

But what about the white man?

Never mind him, he's white

Why's society like this?

I should make a stand

A woman in a burqa

A man in a kafir

Oh no! They're apart of Isis

Let's get out of here!

We're just following our religion

I don't care, you'll kill me!

Please walk away and leave us be

Why's society like this?

There is no clear answer

It has been like this for years

If only-

*BOOM* A bomb went off!

Hurry, let's kill the person responsible

No! Please stop. Violence only leads to violence

Hush young girl! What do you know?

I'm just trying to speak the truth...

Who cares what you think?

You should be worried about letting that much skin show

I can't wait to meet your girlfriend!

Actually, he's my boyfriend

What? But you're a male

So? Love is love no matter who you love

I didn't know you were gay. You're so weird

I'm sorry about my sexuality...I wish I could just disappear

Hey, do you like this suit?

Why are you wearing a suit to prom?

I feel more comfortable in men's clothing...

OMG! Are you trans.?

Yes, I am. I wanted-

Ugh, you freak...what is wrong with with you?

I'm sorry the way I feel is an issue

What's all over your arms?

Are those scars?

Um, well, yes

Do you cut yourself?

I only do it to relieve pain...

Oh my gosh! You're so messed up!

Please stop, you're making me insane

This is exactly what I mean

Society judges people for being themself and frowns upon those who are like others

So what exactly should we be?

Everyone preaches "No one is Perfect" and yet, they act the exact opposite

Be yourself! Ugh, yourself isn't good enough

Be normal! Why are you such a follower?

Everyone has their own journey of life, and only you can decide what to do with it…


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My community
My country
Our world
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