Societal Overdose

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 12:41 -- usco123


Growing up can be something to get accustomed to

You don’t know who you are just yet

You try to find the real you

Through this process you meet friends that might help you, as well as destroy you

Looking through the elementary pictures, you think “Doctor”, “Nurse”, or “a rich man”

But in the end, some just become a past memory

To what could’ve been, to what should’ve happened

That’s the worst feeling of them all

Thanks to your downfall

Many teens growing up, experience drug abuse

Whether it’s forced or voluntary

They all end up in the same resolution

Jail, expelled or worse

Wasting their lives on this addictive curse

I’m not saying its society’s fault

 But like they say “a rotten apple contaminates the rest”

Well, it has been proven loud and clear

And personally it think it’s an issue that should have all ears

That we might fight for those who don’t want to be saved

And prevent this plague from spreading

Ruining many teens lives, due to their longing for home

For someone who might understand what it feels like to be alone.

This issue, I believe is urgent

For drugs can’t be seen as the answer

Since they’re little we teach them to say “NO”

But what does that matter when your whole life revolves around “them”?

Meaning that “them” are their older brothers, friends, cousins, or siblings

That have already fallen and are reeling them in,  

  To not feel like the black sheep of the family, to impress their friends

In the end, it’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end

Getting worse and worse with each passing day

This issue is important to all of us because nobody wants to see our teens fall

To see them not become the great people that they’re meant to be

But instead, end up roaming the streets

No, this isn’t what we should be known for

More should be done, for these young ones

For all they want is someone to care for them

To show them that there’s people who care and should not be ashamed

To stand up to what’s newly “introduced”

To show that they have a brain and will not be seduced

By what their “friends” might say is good for them

And maybe one day, grow up to be a proud parent

Of their child who goes to their past schools

And is succeeding along with the rest of their youth

Doing what they love and living in a drug- free zone.

I believe that with perseverance anything can be accomplished,

My school is not bad, but like every school

Has its imperfections that can be fixed.


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