Social Media

I ne'er did like no social media,

They tell me that snapchat is cool, that those pictures will dissapear,

Nothing in the internet ever dissapears, even if you delete it, you can still find it again,

Bring it back to life, resurrect it

Horny teens do what they like, ne'er did they know it will come back to haunt them,

Dey won't get that job interview they wanted or even that internship that would boost their career,

To them, though, caught up in the moment, in the ecstacy, nothing like that matters,

Post that picture.

Send it.

Someone might screen save it.

Share it.

Save it.

Send it.

Just one push of a button, you can't take back again, and suddenly the whole world knows

If you're supposed to drink responsibly, why not act responsibly?

Cuz ya never know, where one pic might go.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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