Social Craze

Sun, 06/07/2020 - 12:53 -- Wrtier

Social distancing 

Going crazy 

Even the introverts 

Are being affected now 

When will this end

Why did this begin

How ddi this begin

Looking around, everywhere's a ghost town

Looking around, there's no one in sight 

So many masks 

It's normal now, the masks

Will this be the norm?

Part of a fashion sense?

We stopped 

Making amazing things

The world is on pause



No more cars on the road

No more students in the classroom

The American Gothic 

The virus has spread 

The virus has been contained 

The virus is everywhere

Yet nowhere 

Is this to make overpopulation no longer a problem?

Are we dying because the government wants us to?


The land of the free

Where discrimination and hate and viruses run loose


The land of the free

Where Black Lives Matter 

Needs to be a thing 


Viruses have brought to light 

What's wrong with America

Low wages

Can't afford health care 

Many more getting sick

No more getting sick

When will this end?

Will this be our future? 


Everything online?

Are we going to be 

What they warned us about?


Bringing to light what needs to change. 


A virus, for good or bad

Overpopulation is no longer a problem

What is the government going to do

About the healthcare and way too low wages 

Wages we can't live on

What is the government going to do now 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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