Soaring Through the Sky


Every saturday I awake at six in the morning.

The only way I can get out of bed is thinking of what lies ahead

I jump in my car and head down the road engine roaring.

As I arrive closer, I can see them above

Like giant metal eagles soaring.

I walk onto the ramp headset in hand,

and approach my bird, stars in my eyes.

"It never gets old" I say to myself,

as I flip a few switches and watch the other planes rise.

Preflighting is tedious but better safe than sorry

I'd rather not fly, than fall from the skies

Finally finished I don my headset, 

and taxi out to the runway to escape the ground.

Tower calls my name, clears me for takeoff, 

I push in the power and my escape I've found.

After an hour and a half of defying gravity

I approach the runway for landing, happily

I've had my fill for the day, 

But I'll return in two the same way.

After I'm done tying down I look back at the sky

"it never gets old" I say as I watch everyone fly.


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