So Tired

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 20:52 -- korrine

I’m tired,

So tired.

Someone please let me sleep.


I’ve been wandering for so long,

Traveling through this vast desert.

There’s nothing in sight

No oasis like they claim,

Just empty sand that

Rolls on and on,

Never ending.


The sun beats down on me,

The back of my neck gleams with sweat

And it rolls down my forehead in beads.

My legs are getting heavier with each step

And I walk on blistered feet,

But I can’t stop walking.


Each time I pause, another person tells me

To keep going.

They tell me that

There’s an oasis somewhere –

Or so they claim.

I keep walking and walking,

Wandering on and on.


It’s a never ending process,

A search for an oasis that doesn’t exist

And I’m getting tired.

So tired.

But I can’t stop here,

Because they say there’s an oasis

Just up ahead –

Or so they say.


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