So she Sat

Sun, 06/15/2014 - 14:55 -- K.M.A.L

She sat down
wonder blown
and yet far from the clowns
Their banter the last thing on her
she reached for the clouds
grass lay firm beneath her body
the sky ocean blue with
white fluffy fish slowly moving about
she touched a star
Perched apon a metal stool
Trying to ignore the back ache
as she looked through a glass
to see a bed of stars
oh how she wished one would fall
so she could make a wish
and possibly get rid of these battle scars
How did people where them so proudly
how could they make it seem as though
they were worth having
the constant reminder of that day....
she was laid down that day
the day she would sooner rather
than later forget
So she sits


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