Snow White's Mirror

Sat, 07/22/2017 - 22:19 -- dgioia2

Once upon a time,

In a land far away,

I sat in a peasant’s house,

Hidden in disarray.


I had once been reflective,

And when they were introspective,

Telling the truth was my objective,

And I’d give them my perspective.


But they said I was broken;

Into the trash I was tossed.

Kept me from being outspoken

Through the droughts and the frost.


I had given up hope

Till someone finally found me.

They fixed me up well,

And I knew that to be free,

I’d have to keep them happy

No matter what the cost,

Or else I’d run the risk

Of forever being lost.


So when the new queen witnessed

My beauty and my power,

She took me home with her

And placed me in her tower.


Since that time she knew my task

She’d look into my depths and ask,

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who’s the fairest one of all?”


Although I looked on her with disdain,

Considering her evil ways,

I had a reputation to sustain;

So I always fed her the same phrase:

“You are the fairest one of all.”


One day I was fed up with the lies;

A new princess had long been on the rise.

So when the question was asked of me,

I said, “Snow White is fairer than thee.”


At this came a rage I have never seen.

I could’ve sworn that the envy had made her turn green.

She ordered some huntsman to kill the girl

I was up all night – I was ready to hurl.


Snow White’s life was in danger and it was my doing;

It was her in the woods that they were pursuing.

But they couldn’t kill her; they had a heart after all,

Returned their “proof” to the queen; they outsmarted her call.


The next time she asked me, I told the truth.

I said, “She’s there with the dwarves, go there, you’ll find proof.”

I know it was wrong, I shouldn’t have been scared;

If I could do it again, I wouldn’t have dared.


So the queen kept on trying

To kill poor Snow White.

I knew Snow would get her,

I just had to sit tight.


Each time she dressed up as an old crone,

I thought, “At last her true colors are finally shown!”

She tried to trick Snow not one time, but thrice;

Snow White kept failing to take the dwarves’ advice.


One day I knew Snow White was finally bested,

I saw the apple in her throat, on a mountain she rested.

I had to tell the queen that she was the most fair,

Instead of the girl with the ebony hair.


By some miracle, Snow White had survived,

The apple was dislodged, and she was revived.

The prince took her away to be his wife;

And the queen, once again, wasn’t happy with her life.


But after it was all said and done,

The two were married, the queen was no more.

The new king and queen then had a son,

Moved into a new house, I centered the décor.


Once Snow White realized my gift,

She got me a job and she gave me a shift.

All this time, deep inside, I had never known,

Lied the most beautiful baritone.


I had a passion for singing that I never knew.

There were lines out the door, people trying to get through.

I did two shows a month, then a week, then a night;

I needed a venue to keep up with the hype.


They got me booked at the Colosseum;

To my dreams, right then, I could not have been nearer.

When I retired, I went to the museum,

And underneath me, it reads, “Snow White’s Mirror”.


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