Snow White with a Twist (Once Upon a Poem Scholarship)


Snow White, A beautiful teen by today's standardsThat standard, however, comes a price,One she can never pay, Jealousy.So she takes refuge in her mind, Away from all the negativity and stress of societyA world where she can be who she wantsThere, she will not worry about the others There, she thinksAbout lifeAbout love,About simplicities But mainly, with 7 things that she loves about herselfThe ones people don't knowHere, her ability to love herself presides over allIt's what makes this place specialFirst, she admires her beautyHer black hair swooping across her faceBrown eyes like milk chocolateThen she moves to her laugh, It was infectious Not just that but she loves to make other laugh too,That plays into her next aspect,Her kindness,The type you can just see in her eyes, Her Positivity,Her Angelic voice,Her Intelligence and knowledge for all subjectsAnd her weight wasn't a problemThere, everything was perfect,She saw the best of herselfSomething others don't doShe didn't understand why everyone hated her,"What did I do wrong?" One day, she left her paradiseTo enter the real world once againSubjecting herself to all the troubles lying ahead,Like normal, She was confronted by a strong presence,A persistent force uttering the same things over and overPointing out all of her insecuritiesThe ones she loved to escaped when she went to the paradise in her mind,The ones she hated about herselfThe ones society made her hate about herselfEach time, it's words cut deeper and deeperDug at flesh until there was nothing leftUntil the bottle was empty All the aspects of her personality came rushing to herAs if to try to bring her backHer beautyHer kindnessEven her voice But she was just laying thereWaiting for nature to take overShe returned to her paradiseThe place she felt safeShielded from all pressureThis time, she knew she would never leave She thought she was a no one, InsignificantBut she was wrongThey cameRushing to her side,Shaking herHoping she wasn't gone "Why," her parents screamed as they sat by her side,Tears rushing down the moms face"I had no idea," she whisperedShe saw her daughter lying thereLifelessShe kissed her forehead Leaned back against the wall And sat there In silence Not thinkingUntil a sudden gasp for air jolted Snow back to life, Shock filled the roomAnd a stillness passed over themSnow staring at her mom,Her mom staring back,He dad waiting anxiously in the doorway,"I'm sorry," snow whispered as she broke the silence That's the problemWe take the simplicities of life for granted,Never assessing themNor questioning themIt takes one person, One friend To save a lifeSomeone to be there no matter whatTo reassure you in times of doubtTo tell you you're perfectTo tell you you matterTo tell you, that the person you see in your mind,The way you see yourselfThat's how I see youAnd I wouldn't change a thing 


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Our world


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