Snow White

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 20:11 -- Keefers


United States

Pretty little beauty

defiled by poisonous thoughts

Disintegrating smile

her time is running out 

slaughtered by the envy

wicked as the wind 

candy coated apple 

this beauty's most prominent sin

her secrets and her lies

tucked away tight 

the curtain of her life

will close itself tonight

wicked witches 

and powerful spells

another of this beauty's illusion

her twisted little creatures

seeking out her prince charming 

the enclosure of glass

another of her evil concoctions

her prince, he knows

no good can come of her

her beauty fades 

as the time ticks by 

the delicate features disappearing 

and her wickedness resides

a glass coffin her home

for the deeds she has done

there will be no fairy tale ending 

for this devious one



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I wrote this poem when I had my very bad eating disorder. I believe every women is a princess and should love herself before anyone else should love her. Please love yourself. <3

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